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*Currently on hold girls while we work through the stock and the orders but hurry back soon as we will be BACK!! :-)

HERES HOW IT WORKS: Once you have selected your size and added one of these bags to cart, you just purchase as normal like you would an item.
Our girls will select 8 of the best styles from our FILL A BAG EVENT and you will receive a lucky dip of some amazing pieces in your selected size. This is an absolutely amazing deal and means that you're getting some absolute babes for less than £4 each! How INSANE is that!!

Unfortunately we are not able to post individual pictures of whats included as we have hundreds of styles but these are all from current trends but PAST SEASON collections & Accessories. PLEASE BE AWARE though that this is a blind event and it will be our girls that pick these styles for you. We will follow the size guidelines provided however it may occur that items may not fit or suit. The whole point of the event is to provide a treat of goodies that are a complete surprise and something fun. If they are unsuitable to your taste please appreciate it was a blind shop and this can occur. If you are happy with these terms then absolutely this event is for you. :-)

If there is anything in particular you would like, for example baggy items, holiday clothes, jumpers etc then If you just pop that info on the notes when ordering our girls will do there very best to honour those requests. (we wont be able to answer email requests dolls, so please leave requests on notes only)

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the items being in a SALE EVENT PROMOTION they are non returnable, so please be aware of this before ordering.