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 ‘For Fashion Dreamers That Dare To Dream’

I’m not a fan of talking ‘about us’, it would be so much easier to write a bold, observant and strong sentence that sums up our consuming love for the Coco Boo world we adore in a few small words like a wham bam there you go ma’am!! That would be easier, but unfortunately that wouldn’t suffice, as that wouldn’t tell you who we are, what we do, and why we do it………We live, eat and sleep (not literally because that would be weird) our mini fashion world we have created, bringing two independent boutiques to the north that we endeavor to rival the ‘big dogs’ of the high street. We provide friendship, fun, excitement, on trend fashion, quality, up to date styles, price friendly, styling, inspiration, Pat Butchers earrings, a partridge in a pair tree and even a cuppa made with love!Our aim is to turn Coco Boo into a world that everybody wants to join and  we believe we can honor our ambitions!